Mission & Membership

Our Mission

To partner with individuals and organizations to improve our community and to help those we serve.

To be the premier service club in San Diego composed of members actively committed to community service and fellowship.

Why Join?

You simply won’t find a better place to invest your time, talents, and energy. The benefits are endless and the camaraderie is second to none! Joining the Downtown San Diego Lions Club enables you to enjoy a break in your weekly grind!

See what some of our members say about being a part of our club.

The Downtown Lions Club meets on Tuesdays

See our calendar for meeting times and speakers. Our meetings provide our members the opportunity to take a break in their busy week and enjoy a fine meal catered by Las Hadas, the camaraderie of others, and to listen to a great local guest speaker and learn more about the San Diego community.

Serve our Community the Way You Want!

As with all service organizations, you get out of it what you put into it and the Downtown San Diego Lions Club is no different. Once you join the club, you can participate at the level that you are comfortable. We offer a variety of ways that you can be involved, our members can attend meetings, join one of our committees, or participate in other charitable work and community service.

Network, Party, and make Friends Worldwide!

We have several networking and social events throughout the year and there is time before and after every meeting to network. We also host several well attended theme nights each year such as a Cowboy night, a Casino night, a Halloween masquerade party, etc.

Your membership in the Downtown San Diego Lions Club also enables you to attend meetings at any Lions Club worldwide! So if you are traveling to Turkey, Norway, or Brazil this year, or if you are just going home to Wisconsin, you can attend any Lions Club meeting where you will be warmly welcomed you when you arrive!

Join Today !

Membership dues for the Downtown San Diego Lions Club are $290 per year, while active duty Military and Young Professionals under the age of 35 pay half dues of $145 per year. There is a one-time induction fee of $50. Dues are payable annually, semi-annually, or quarterly and can be made by cash, check, or major credit card.

Membership Application

The Downtown San Diego Lions Club is a private organization and to become a member, you must be sponsored by a current member. If you do not know a Lions and are interested in joining the club please download, complete, and forward an application via email to our Executive Director with “Prospective Member” in the subject line. We will match you with a current member and start your application process.