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Boys and Girls Foundation

Back in 1902, when George Saadeh was young, there was an organization called the Boys and Girls Aid Society.

By 1964, the organization was housed in an old army barracks on Third Avenue north of Mercy Hospital. The Downtown San Diego Lions Club was approached to fill in some perceived shortfalls in financial management skills. Wig Fletcher, one of our standout members, was glad to assist and the Society’s bylaws were amended to require members of our Club to be on their Board and our bylaws were amended so we could sponsor a boys and girls facility.

Poor living conditions were rectified thanks to members Wig Fletcher, Cas Stillwagon, and Carl Williams. Over time the Downtown San Diego Lions Club provided land, funds, and time to improve the society’s facilities. Due to many factors the society fell on hard times and in 1992 shut down.

The Downtown San Diego Lions Club studied the situation and community need and took over the finances and management of the organization in 19xx. The ‘new’ organization was name the Boys and Girls Foundation and served not only mentally challenged youth, but also provides support to 11 to 18 year old disadvantage youth. The Foundation is an affiliate organization and is now separate from the Downtown San Diego Lions Club and its Welfare Foundation.

Since formed, the Boys and Girls Foundation has provided grants in excess of $1,500,000. These grants have funded diverse projects from those associated with juvenile court system, county probation, the county domestic court system, educational and athletic programs. The ultimate goal of the organization is to work together with other non-profits to improve the lives of youth in San Diego County. The Foundation has also created a program called Boys and Girls Go to Camp. Through this program, they provide scholarships to low income, at-risk youth providing them the opportunity to attend summer camp.

More information can be found at Boys and Girls Foundation.