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Veterans Village of San Diego

Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD) was founded in 1981 as the Vietnam Veterans of San Diego because Veterans were struggling with the traumas of war and looking to enhance Veterans’ Affairs services that were available. Father William Mahedy, a Vietnam Army Chaplain, gave these Veterans the impetus to form VVSD to help comrades who were sleeping on the streets.

In 1984 VVSD formed a 44 bed licensed alcohol and drug treatment center. In 1988 VVSD founded “Stand Down”, which served over 650 homeless Veterans and today there are more than 200 “Stand Downs” that take place across the country.

The “Stand Down” philosophy is a hand up, not a hand out with an emphasis is on outreach, clothing, hygiene, medical, dental, optical, and legal services for Veterans. Stand Down provides a safe haven for Veterans to put down their burdens and lift themselves up to the possibility of change.

Also in 1988, VVSD opened a 18 bed transitional facility on 5th Avenue. In 1990, VVSD moved to its current location at 4141 Pacific Highway, which was renamed Veterans Treatment Center. In 1996 the VVSD program was recognized as the most effective treatment. In 1999 VVSD opened the Welcome Home Family Program residential facility for homeless female Veterans.

VVSD is a nationally know, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization. More information can be found at VVSD.